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About Us

Iqama Plus Hotel Operation Company:

Iqama Plus is a leading company in the hotel management field. They strive to provide an exceptional stay experience and high-quality services to their guests. The company specializes in managing and operating a diverse range of hotels, including large hotels, small hotels, and serviced apartments.

Iqama Plus aims to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their guests by delivering exceptional customer service and attention to detail in every aspect of their stay. Their services include guest reception, check-in/check-out, room arrangements, event organization, conferences, and more.

With Iqama Plus, travelers can enjoy peace of mind and trust that their stay will be comfortable and remarkable. The company's team possesses exceptional skills in hotel management and catering to guests' individual preferences.

Our Vision

Iqama plus company for hotel operation (Iqama+):

The vision of iqama plus management is to provide a unified, wide and diversified entrance for our customers to access our services of high quality and at reasonable competitive prices based on their desires.

Iqama Plus is the preferred company for many hotels and resorts that seek to provide an unforgettable stay experience for their guests. The company owns an extensive network of hotels in various top tourist destinations, offering diverse options for travelers.

In summary, Iqama Plus is a leading company in hotel management, dedicated to providing a unique and comfortable stay experience for guests. With their extensive experience in hotel management, they are committed to fulfilling guests' desires, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for every guest who chooses to stay with them.


Instant confirmation

Instant confirmation

All types of our reservations will be confirmed on Iqama Plus instantly, all that separates your ideal stay is just a few steps.

No booking fees

No booking fees

We do not charge you any booking fees or administrative costs of any kind. In most of the cases you can cancel your reservation free of charge.

Various options

Various options

In Iqama Plus, we always aim to provide various units with designs suitable for the various desires of our clients, with many and varied services.

Furnishing and design

Furnishing and design

Our dedicated design team outfits the units with luxurious furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, and technology gadgets like smart TVs to give our guests the experience of a lifetime and unparalleled relaxation.

A Message from the CEO

Over more than 10 years, our companies have completed many projects in various fields within the Kingdom, which had an important impact on our constant growth based on an investment vision aimed at achieving quality, and we strive with every effort to make the name "Iqama Plus" a distinct mark among the companies hosting hotels in the Kingdom.

Since its inception until today, our companies have maintained a record full of achievements and successes, thanks to God Almighty and then thanks to the efforts of success partners and our employees, which enabled us to work on diversifying their investments.

And as we are proud today of our achievements, we look forward with confidence to a better future with the Kingdom's vision 2030 AD.